Where do the prettiest girls live?

Where to find the one and only? One that all friends will be jealous of and exes will bite their elbows with annoyance. Here’s a list of countries where the prettiest girls officially live. And also in these countries it’s good to just relax, enjoying the magnificent scenery. Though it’s still more pleasant to look at tanned bodies in bathing suits 🙂

Philippines. The locals are rightly considered to be among the most beautiful and sexy in the world. They have Asian features, but darker skin. Most Filipinos have beautiful rounded forms. Second place in the number of winners of beauty contests (without political influence of the country) — beautiful girls in Europe?

The Netherlands. Sporting, slim and tall girls from Holland are always welcome to meet. They are sociable and liberated. Blonde-haired, white-skinned locals keep themselves in great shape. Absolutely, try to ride a bike every day!

Argentina. The beauty of Argentines is the result of mixing the blood of Spaniards and indigenous South Americans. Girls are carefully watching themselves, which could not affect the beautiful figures of the majority. In addition, Argentinians are unusually feminine and proud.

Colombia. Lush forms, thin waist, slender legs and puffy lips of Columbian attract attention of all male tourists who get to this country. The local girls are breathtakingly beautiful. In many cases, it is a credit to the top plastic surgeons for whom Colombia is famous. But what’s wrong with an already beautiful lady adding a couple of sizes to her attractiveness?

South Korea. Korean women are especially careful with their skin and figure, which makes them look like 20 years old even at 45. Delicate porcelain skin, narrow face, big eyes — the standard of beauty of local girls. Careful and cute, like porcelain dolls, they are rightly considered one of the most beautiful Asians.

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Brazil. Come to Copacabana beach and you will believe in the existence of paradise on earth! The tanned mulatto brazilians keep themselves in shape. With their slim legs and rounded butt, the beautiful figure of the locals is pleasing to the eye.

Denmark. Cold Denmark does not attract tourists with hot sun and fine sand on the beach, but girls here are not as hot as ever. The Danes have small stature, thin facial features, gorgeous blond hair and blue eyes. They are active and purposeful. Easy to climb and sociable locals are happy to meet in bars and on the streets.

Italy. Hot Italians attract men with their languid look, expressive actions and unrestrained temper. Remember Monica Belucci and you’ll understand what we’re talking about here. Women in Italy are slim, tanned, with good skin — a healthy Mediterranean diet and gentle Italian sun.

Russia. Did you have any doubts? Russia is always in the top of the countries with the most beautiful women. Our compatriots combine classical European type of beauty with refinement of oriental ideals. Plus — a juicy figure, calm temperament and delicate character.

Bulgaria. True Slavic beauty at its best — right features, beautiful lush hair, high slender figure. Attractive naturalness and ease of local women often drive unprepared tourists crazy. Look at the photo below — you will see for yourself!

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