How to meet a girl

This is a very important aspect. It is not necessary to wear branded items. Clothes should be clean, neat, preferably tasteful. All this will give self-confidence and increase the chance of a successful acquaintance. It is also worth paying attention to details:

  • shoes must be clean;
  • perfume — pleasant and unobtrusive.

We shouldn’t forget about hygiene procedures. If a guy smells like sweat, it is unlikely that the girl will communicate with him. It is better to go hunting after taking a shower.

Facial hair should not be overlooked. The beard or stubble should be neat and stylish. If you cannot achieve this on your own, you can contact a barbershop.

Start of communication

First you need to understand the reasons for the refusal. There may be several of them. First, the girl can be married, or she has a regular partner. Here, unfortunately, nothing can be done about it. Second, it could be the guy. Unkempt appearance, too cheeky demeanor, or, conversely, strong shyness and tightness — all this creates a repulsive impression and discourages the desire to strike up a conversation. What points should you pay attention to in order to easily make acquaintance with a girl. For more details, see the link — will a guy remember you

In real life, it is impossible to use Photoshop, so the girl’s appearance will not mislead the guy. And also with live communication, it is easy to determine the character, demeanor and sense of humor.

In order to successfully strike up a conversation, you must follow a number of rules:

When meeting, you should first of all pay attention to the behavior of the woman herself. If she is in a hurry somewhere, communication with her will not take place. But if she is walking leisurely or just sitting on a bench, you can try your luck.
Before you approach a lady, you should try to make eye contact with her. All you need to do is look into her eyes and smile. If the girl smiled back, you can safely approach her and start a conversation.
You should not suddenly go out to the person you like from around the corner or back. This can scare the subject of attention. Also, do not start a conversation while standing on a dais. The girl will feel uncomfortable looking up at the guy. It is better to approach the lady from the front, and when communicating, stand half-sided to her. This way she will feel safe.
It is not recommended to get too close to the girl, violating her personal boundaries. The optimal distance for a conversation is 45-55 cm.
During the conversation, it is advisable to immediately explain the purpose of the acquaintance, otherwise the lady may confuse the guy with the distributor of services and goods she does not need.
When trying to get acquainted, you need to be confident, not worry, act decisively. A young man who is too shy will look ridiculous, stupid and even annoying. However, one should not overdo it with perseverance, this can embarrass the representative of the opposite sex.
Also, during the conversation, you should pay attention to the girl’s communication style. If she answers in monosyllables, cuts words through her teeth, or even scoffs at all, then it is better to stop trying to meet. The lady, most likely, does not want to start a relationship. But if she smiles, flirts, makes eyes and jokes, then this is evidence that she is ready to communicate.
In case of refusal, it is unacceptable to be rude and rude in response. In the end, refusal is sometimes a manifestation of shyness on the part of a girl, so you can delicately try to meet again. The main thing is to avoid unnecessary obsession.

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